Our Artists
Meet Magnolia's Artists!

Joan is a joyfully artist, and always brightens the room with her smile. Most of the time, she works in our garden center, and her plants and flowers have become a huge inspiration for her work.

Adam is great with color and is like a whirling wind; he blows in to class, does his thing, and then blows back out. We love it!

Andy enjoys working abstractly expressing himself through the art process. He is full of energy and is always wearing a smile.

Anna brings her bright smile and cheery personality to each class. She is an artist and nurturer, always helping everyone in class. Anna enjoys going to tour the House of Blues and has incorporated a new style of painting in her artwork.

Betsy is a wonderful new addition to the art room. She loves to paint and try new things, chat with others, and make people happy.

Bobby truly has art in his heart. Bobby attends art class every day. His claimed of fame style of art is his unique way of incorporating teeth into his paintings and his love for painting dawgs. Bobby is regarded as an official assistant in the Dream Factory Studio.

Cathy painted a life size self portrait for an exhibit at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art 2008. Since then she has painted streetcars for public art and her own original art. Cathy style is calming and she is precise in her strokes. Cathy keeps us on our toes.

George “Chuck” is a new artist but fits right in with no hesitation for painting and creating. Chuck brings new ideas and styles to the art room.

Damian has many styles which he incorporates into his paintings. Damian is also great at making color choices.He is great fun in the art room and always has a smile for everyone.

David has been in the art studio since March 2012. He enjoys drawing, painting, pottery, and will try anything new with ease. His favorite subject for artwork is his dog, Cullen. David also enjoys working on crosses produced by the Dream Factory.

Debbie is our happy artist. Always singing and laughing, she makes the art class a joy to be in. Debbie has a great sense of blending colors in her paintings which are colorful and full of life and love.

Greg’s favorite medium is painting. He has a generous spirit and loves to make artwork for others. He is a hard worker and easy to get along with in the studio.

Jason is a very talented artist. His ability is augmented by his passion for nature. Jason shares with everyone his knowledge about birds and plants as he paints.

Ann is quite the artist - well known for her intricate shapes and line drawings. Ann has been a member of the Dream Factory Art Studio since it was created in 2007 and enjoys painting her beautiful designs on everything.

John’s love of nature shows in his work. He loves spending time at his family’s camp—and if he’s not hunting he is painting.

John is a true example of what the Dream Factory represents. Here is a gentleman who can put a smile on anyone, and has a heart as big as the world. John loves to make art in any medium, clay, paint, metal, he will do it all.

Julie often incorporates her love for animals (especially cats and puppies) into her artwork. She is a hard worker, and maintains a job in the Magnolia Cafe in addition to making art. Julie has an independent spirit and is always willing to try new media.

Katie loves art so much - she wants to sleep in the studio! She loves to paint and is very creative in whatever she does.

Kevin is best known for his three dimensional robots. Many of his robots are made using knick-knacks and recycled materials. Kevin has a great sense of humor in addition to his artistic talents.

Michelle may be new to the Dream Factory, but she loves making art in many different media. She often draws from her personal history and her life experiences in making her art, including her unique cultural heritage.

Andrew is new to the art class and already has a distinct style. He enjoys the opportunity to expand his art experiences and tries new things.

Rick is always willing to try anything, from penguins to people. He will often draw things for other folks to paint. We just love it when he comes because he is so much fun.

Robin loves collage, and likes to get inspiration from popular culture for her work. She also gets inspiration from nature, painting owls and flowers. Robin is always laughing and loves making others laugh.

Sarah loves collage, but also likes to work in all mediums. Music is a big part of Sarah’s art making process. She enjoys singing and dancing while making her creations.

Shannon enjoys visiting art class from her job working in the Magnolia Café. She likes design, pattern, and making new friends.

Suzanne enjoys working in all mediums, but her favorites include painting and ceramics. She always has a positive attitude and is ready for an art adventure.

Susan is a regular artist in the Dream Factory in both pottery and painting. Susan takes on all challenges and enjoys the socialization of all the artists.

Wendy loves to paint with a smile. Don't let her fool you with her quiet demeanor; she loves to make her art larger than life!

Michael is new to the art studio, but very enthusiastic with an obvious natural talent. Michael wants to continue creating art!

Sean enjoys pottery, drawing, and painting. Sean loves to laugh and socialize with others in the Dream Factory.